SCP-1184-RU - The Mine
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The entrance to SCP-1184
at the moment of discovery

the passage and the door are off-screen

Item #: SCP-1184-RU

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The territory on which Mine ██-█████ ██████ is situated is to be enclosed with chainlink fence around the security perimeter. An observation post is to be erected next to the former mine constructions, to accommodate staff members of the Internal Security Department guarding the object, as well as engineer and research staff during scheduled works with the object.

Every other month all the constructions connected to SCP-1184 are to be surveyed by Engineering and Technical Service Department. If necessary, the mine crown and all the passages leading to the object are to be reinforced.

Sound and video recording equipment is to be placed inside SCP-1184; any changes inside the mine should be reported to the staff member in charge of the object.

Description: SCP-1184 is a room of an unknown purpose, the only known entrance to which is located in former ██-█████ ██████ mine. At the moment of initial discovery the mine was abandonded due to its depletion which made further meaning lose economic sense. All former mine workers claimed that SCP-1184 had not previously existed.

According to the mine plans, a blind shaft which was previously used for transporting miners to the gallery level leads to SCP-1184. Getting to that level by any other means is not possible; the rest of the passages are strewn with refuse rock and clearing them out without possibly collapsing the whole underground passages system does not seem possible. SCP-1184 looks like a rather old abandoned room with simple furnishings. The following things have been discovered inside SCP-1184 as of today:

  • several pieces of furniture and everyday objects with signs of age and wear; the only remaining label on a nightdesk says that it was produced by Moscow Furniture Assebly Plant #2 in 1988;
  • old speleological equipment;
  • a certain amount of food supplies (already spoiled at the moment of discovery), the date of manufacture is 1988;
  • ██████ ████'s diary (see Addendum).

It should be noted that a street can be seen through the only window inside SCP-1184 (possibly, [REDACTED] Street), however, a building which can offer such a view does not exist. All the attempts to open the window, break it, or leave the room by any other means have failed.

There is also a closed wooden door inside SCP-1184, which is impossible to open. Approximately once a day sounds of someone trying to open it can be heart from the other side; however, nothing happens apart from that.

Excerpts from the document found inside SCP-1184 are provided below. The document itself is presumed to be a diary of one ██████ ████, who officially went missing in 19881.

Addendum-1184-B: Test Log 1184-13

'I do not know who of them was right. And I do not know what these damned miners found while doing their goddamn digging. But a certain thought haunts my mind, a thought that one day it won't be a room in a mine, but a room in an ordinary house. And I don't really feel like standing there frozen with a face of a retard. That is, if I'm not standing like that right now'. — Dr. Goodwin

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