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Похоже, Велес ошибался, и это все не просто побочный эффект. По всей видимости, она специально выбирает своей целью людей, обладающих информацией о Лете. Я отправил "Багряную Десницу" разобраться со всеми сотрудниками, занимавшимися проектом, а также со всем оставшимся в Зоне E, но им не хватило времени сделать все необходимое, так как им пришлось уходить, чтобы не быть перехваченными.

Е. Перун
Совет O5
[email protected]

Документ подготовил: Доктор Дэррил Лойд
Дата: 04.08.2016

ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ: Следующий документ представляет информационную опасность класса X (чрезвычайная опасность). Приняты меры обеспечения меметической безопасности. Для обеспечения защищенного доступа сотрудников с достаточным уровнем допуска, множественные высокоинтенсивные меры меметического противодействия были распределены по документации случайным образом. В случае попытки доступа с недостаточным уровнем допуска, будет произведено анти-меметическое подавление. Ключ: lsP28sZuj3iii2

Объект №: SCP-3002
Класс объекта: Кетер
Особые условия содержания: Весь текст, содержащий SCP-3002, должен уничтожаться, за исключением официальной документации фонда. Доступ к документации SCP-3002 разрешен только сотрудникам с уровнем допуска 4/3002 или выше. Режим администратора отключен для всех, кроме Совета О5 и текущего директора администрации по архивно-информационной безопасности.
Процедура Веселка обновлена: добавлен меметический триггер для обнаружения зараженных субъектов. Обнаруженных зараженных субъектов следует усыплять с помощью дальнобойного оружия, и либо захватывать, либо устранять. В случае, если субъект является известной или важной личностью, позволяется применить стирание памяти хирургическим способом.
В случае поражения всех воспоминаний субъекта (или настолько большой их части, что нормальное функционирование субъекта после хирургического вмешательства будет невозможно), субъекта следует устранить, следуя стандартным протоколам фонда сокрытия смерти известных личностей. Всех сотрудников фонда с уровнем допуска выше 3 следует считать важными личностями в случае их заражения. Хирургическое удаление воспоминаний показало себя как единственный надежный способ удаления SCP-3002 из человека. Фармацевтические и воздушные амнестетики не могут удалить аномалию из сознания субъектов, начиная с ██/██/2016.
Все обнаруженные печатные и электронные СМИ, активно создающие контент с содержанием SCP-3002, осознанно или нет, должны быть закрыты, а их владельцы устранены. Все созданные ими материалы должны быть уничтожены. Запрещается проводить опыты и допросы, связанные с SCP-3002 без явного разрешения текущего главы исследовательской группы.1
Description: SCP-3002 is a Class X contagious memetic hazard with wide-ranging effect on the memories of subjects exposed to it. The anomaly can remove, alter, or replace any memory of the subject, and can create new memories in the subject which are not based on the subject's actual experience. SCP-3002 is capable of affecting declarative memories2 and implicit memories.3 Affected subjects identify altered memories as their own, and will behave accordingly. In this way, SCP-3002 has the ability to influence the personalities and actions of subjects.
The transmission vector for SCP-3002 was originally believed to be the communication of a particular false memory (involving a childhood walk in the woods, an argument with a friend, and an immigrant girl named Lily Veselka). It has since been determined that the communication of any memory by an affected subject can lead to SCP-3002 infection. Communication can be by way of text, speech, electronic correspondence, mathematical formulas, and thought.4
While transmission may not include references to the "Lily Veselka" false memory, persons affected by SCP-3002 will generally recall a humanoid female by that name forming part of unrelated memories or experiences. This entity (referred to as SCP-3002-1) is described as having extremely pale blonde hair, appearing anemic, and being a childhood friend originally from an Eastern European country. In affected memories, SCP-3002-1 is often remembered approaching subjects and asking them questions pertaining to herself or an un-specificied project, such as "What do you know about me?" or "Has the project finished?".
SCP-3002 has avoided containment by displaying extremely adaptive behavior. Due to its adaptive behavior, it has been theorized that SCP-3002 or SCP-3002-1 may be sapient. Epidemiological studies appear to indicate it is deliberately targeting individuals who create large amounts of information or people who do large amounts of research on Slavic or eastern European history and geography.
SCP-3002 was originally discovered in 2014, when a prison psychologist reported that a large number of inmates appeared to have extremely similar memories regarding a specific day from their childhoods. When initially contained, it was believed the anomaly was a simple shared memory; however, further research has revealed additional effects not present or not noticed during initial containment. Due to SCP-3002's unknown effects at the time, it is believed that much of the prison staff was contaminated by the anomaly, and are currently unknowingly acting as vectors to spread it. While specific data is still being gathered, it is suspected much of the population of the mid-West USA has been exposed to SCP-3002.
Addendum 3002-4: Approximately four months after conducting Interview 3002-3, RAISA Officer Whitley lost control of their vehicle during a vacation that they scheduled following the previous interview. While not fatal, Officer Whitley did suffer severe spinal injuries. A RAISA Official who initially spoke to Whitley regarding the incident noted their unusual behavior, and correlated it back to the known affects of SCP-3002. Following this, Doctor Loyd was contacted to conduct an interview with Whitley.

<Begin Log>
Dr. Loyd enters RAISA Officer Whitley's room in Medical Site-923, and activates a physical memetic countermeasure, designed as part of Project Veselka.
Whitley: Doctor Loyd. It is a pleasure to see you.
Dr. Loyd: Likewise, Whit. Are they treating you well here? Comfortable? Food decent?
Whitley: Yes, yes, and I'd rather not say.
Dr. Loyd: (Loyd claps his hands together.) So, Jen told me you've been a bit under the weather, in regards to your… (Loyd makes a motion, pointing to his head.)
Whitley: To my knowledge, no.
Dr. Loyd: Right, uh, so you remember a few weeks ago you talked to Vanderbilt about Lily, er, SCP-3002.
Whitley: Oh, yes. I apologize, my injury has caused my memory to be less than reliable lately.
Dr. Loyd: Do you remember, sometime in your past or childhood, meeting a girl by the name of Lily Veselka? Think closely, she doesn't like to be thought about when she doesn't want to be.
Whitley: I cannot recall anyone by that name.
Dr. Loyd: (Sighs) Alright, let's shift focus. Your recent actions have been strange, unnatural. What have you done recently, why did you go on vacation?
Whitley: For some time, I had felt a mild compulsion to do research on a particular topic, specifically within Foundation files and knowledge-bases.
Dr. Loyd: Did you act on that urge at all, Whit? I need to know.
Whitley: Negative, doctor. I recognized the possible presence of a harmful meme, and took the proper countermeasures to remove it.
Dr. Loyd: (Frowns) Is that all?
Whitley: No, once I had the threat properly removed I performed this research on my own volition, to satisfy my own curiosity. I found several mentions of an entity similar to SCP-3002 and a certain project working under the title Lethe.
Dr. Loyd: Yes, but what did you find, Whit? I don't have all day. What did you learn about Lily?
Whitley: I would rather not say. My vehicular collision was not an accident, despite security footage showing otherwise. I was pressured off the road by the sudden acts of three otherwise unrelated vehicles, working in tandem.
Dr. Loyd: Whitley, this is your last chance to answer. I believe you are contaminated by SCP-3002 and are deliberately withholding information to interfere with research.
Whitley: Doctor Loyd, I do not adequately feel I can trust you. I apologize, but I do not feel I would like to continue this interview. (Whitley was unresponsive to all other questions.)
<End Log>

It was determined RAISA Officer Whitley had been affected by SCP-3002 since their interaction with Dr. Vanderbilt. Due to the disruption and danger Whitley posed to the Foundation and SCP-3002, they were recommended for termination. Termination was carried out on ██/██/2016 by the use of lethal injection.
Exploration Log 3002-5: Following information extracted from [REDACTED], agents were dispatched to the Uzhanskyi National park on the western edge of Ukraine. Agents discovered a ruined, subterranean research facility, that appeared to have been abandoned since 2013. Markings and documents found in the facility indicate it was associated with the Foundation. No record of a facility in this location exists in Ukrainian or Foundation records.
Despite the general condition of the facility indicating a long period of abandonment, there was some evidence of recent activity. Large amounts of documents and papers were found burnt and several computers were found to be missing memory and storage devices. One of the facility's furnaces was discovered to have been activated shortly before the agents' arrival. The ashes inside were later analyzed and determined to contain traces of human DNA matching SCP-███.
While searching through the facility, agents discovered an office area with several piles of burnt documents. One document was found in a readable state, following chemical treatment.

I do not believe continuing active work on Project Lethe is a productive use of our resources. While Lethe has been an invaluable tool for averting Broken Masquerade type scenarios, having the project rely on a single anomaly has been causing undue stress in the subject. She has been displaying decreasingly less motor and cognitive function, which may be a consequence of the invasive equipment being used for the procedure. As an example of her cognitive deterioration, she does not respond or register her previous name or designation.
In addition to that, she has been becoming increasingly less willing to work with the technicians, to the point of resorting to self harm in attempts to avoid the procedures. At the current moment, she is under constant observation due to the fact that she attempted suicide several days ago. We're not entirely sure how, but it is currently believed she hid a dining utensil during a meal, and sharpened it over the next few weeks.
We have previously attempted to avoid this type of emotional distress by letting her participate in the various hobbies or activities she enjoyed prior to containment, such as photography and reading.
With all that said, I do believe a controllable mass amnestic or memory altering anomaly is practical in the event of a Broken Masquerade scenario, so continuing research and development in this field would be wise. As we know for a fact that the memetic trigger used in Lethe is present in all but a negligible amount of the population, perhaps we could alter it to give us further control over their memories, instead of acting as an anchoring point for our subject. Since we've included the trigger with the neural archetype scans from Yellowstone, a procedure that is not reliant on a human subject would allow for continued use past the lifespan of our current subject.
- Perun

While investigating the facility, agents discovered a surgical theater fitted with equipment used for invasive neurosurgery. Medical documents and restraints found in the room indicate the subject or subjects operated in this location were conscious during the length of the procedures. Wear on the equipment indicates frequent usage.

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