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Приведённый ниже файл содержит особо важную анти-инфоугрозу. Весь персонал уровня 4 или выше, подвергшийся обработке амнезиаками, прежде чем вернуться к своим обязанностям должен полностью ознакомиться с данным документом.

— Илай Форкли, руководитель ОпН

Объект №: 4352
Класс содержания:
Вторичный класс:
Класс нарушения:
Класс риска:

Особые Условия Содержания: Этот файл должен быть включен в стандартный документ о трудоустройстве Фонда, и всем новым сотрудникам Фонда необходимо ознакомиться с представленной в нём информацией. Зашифрованные описания SCP-4352, должны распространяться через все доступные средства массовой информации, включая кино, телевидение и художественную литературу, а также должны быть проложены усилия по обеспечению того, чтобы эти описания достигали даже крайне изолированных общин, с целью как можно большего снижения частоты нападений со стороны SCP-4352.

Описания обеспечивающие сдерживание объекта изначально придуманные ПФ-194 и в настоящий момент распространяемые Фондом, должны иметь следующие описательные элементы:

  • Протагонист или протагонисты, в идеале дети или антропоморфные животные, которые ассоциируется с невинностью в рамках целевой культуры.
  • Внешние данные SCP-4352.
  • Упоминание по крайней мере одного достоверно известного метода атаки, которым пользуется SCP-4352.
  • An attempt by the representation of SCP-4352 to deceive or otherwise mislead the protagonist/protagonists, so as to illustrate SCP-4352’s duplicitous nature.

In events where radical alteration is required to existing containment narratives so as to adjust it to fit anomalous communities or cultures, the Foundation Department of Miscommunications is authorized to make any changes as needed so long as the purpose of the containment narrative is still achieved.

Description: SCP-4352 is a hostile metaphysical entity, which normally resides in the collective human psychospace, but is capable of emerging and physically attacking a target once necessary conditions are met.

  • The target must not be aware of SCP-4352’s existence.
  • The target must not be aware of SCP-4352’s capabilities.
  • The target must have broken a societal norm for their culture.

Once SCP-4352 has selected a target, it is capable of attacking in a variety of ways. Although these methods are capable of causing significant disruption and destruction, no incidents have been recorded in which any individuals other than valid targets have been harmed or affected during these events. Methods recorded have included physical attacks via use of teeth and claws, localized weather manipulation and limited bodily geokinesis.

In cases where SCP-4352 does not immediately attack an identified target, it has been known to apply variable conceptual camouflage to itself, causing individuals who observe it to identify it as a specific human being familiar to them despite its physical appearance not actually changing. This camouflage is not impenetrable, however, as specific and focused observation of SCP-4352's non-human bodily configuration can allow an individual to see through it.

SCP-4352 is believed to have existed primarily within the European psychospace since the early 10th century, preying primarily on farming communities, with attacks gradually lessening as folklore regarding the entity became more widespread - finally all-but stopping in the early 19th century due to the efforts of FP-194.


Testing was conducted to attempt to expose a member of D-Class personnel to SCP-4352. D-2223, selected for his frequent insubordination and antisocial tendencies, was amnesticized of his prior knowledge of SCP-4352, placed in a room with a large amount of foodstuff not usually permitted for D-Class personnel, and ordered not to consume it. Unsurprisingly, D-2223 proceeded to consume the majority of the provided food once Dr. Lesteigh left the room.

Recording began immediately after.

<Begin Log>
D-2223: There. You expect me to just sit there and look at all that shit? You’re a fucking idiot.
Dr. Lesteigh: Oh, yes, yes, of course. You’ve done very well indeed!
D-2223: Fuckin’ creep.
(D-2223 sits down in the provided chair.)
D-2223: Something supposed to happen now or what?
Dr. Lesteigh: Well, we’ll have to wait and see, I suppose, won’t we? Do you mind if I take a seat? A little chair?
D-2223: It’s your chair, man. Do what you want.
Dr. Lesteigh: Yes, yes, of course.
(Dr. Lesteigh sits down and places his paws on the desk.)
Dr. Lesteigh: Ah, it’s good to get a load off.
D-2223: Oh, that’s nasty, man. (gestures at Dr. Lesteigh’s claws) You need to cut those nails, dude. That’s disgusting.
Dr. Lesteigh: (sniffs) Oh, my apologies. I haven’t been able to get much free time lately. Can you help me fix my tie?
D-2223: You fucking serious, man?
Dr. Lesteigh: Yes! You are under my employment, are you not?
(Pause. D-2223 sighs, gets up, and goes to help Dr. Lesteigh fix his tie. He has difficulty locating it.)
D-2223: Hard to find this shit. You’re, like, really fucking hairy, man. You need a shave.
Dr. Lesteigh: Yes, I do!
D-2223: And you …
D-2223: And you stink.
Dr. Lesteigh: (grins) Yes, I do.
<End Log>
Closing Notes: Upon the conclusion of the test and the confirmed retreat of SCP-4352 back into the human psychospace, security personnel entered the interview chamber to recover D-2223’s remains. The test subject was found to have been opened vertically via the application of sharp claws and had large amounts of stone, wool and goat embryos deposited within the available cavities.


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