Тема Форумов Паранадзора


Эта страница содержит визуальную тему, используемую на данной вики.

Подключение темы к другим страницам осуществляется с помощью вики-разметки следующего вида (указывается в начале страницы):

Например: [[include theme:anon]]

Страница, объединяющая все визуальные темы в единый список, расположена по ссылке: Хаб визуальных тем.

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To import this theme to your page, put the following anywhere inside it:

[[include theme:creepypasta]]

The standard CSS @import method won't work. This is intentional (thanks to Пользователь 'stormbreath' не существует for providing the CSS code!). Importing the theme using [[include]] adds your page to a list of Backlinks. This is useful for seeing what pages would be affected when this theme is updated, and allows any errors caused by that to be noticed and corrected much faster.You can view any page's Backlinks by clicking "+ Options" at the bottom of the page, then "Backlinks".


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What Is This?

This is the Parawatch Anon Theme, by Пользователь 'Lt Flops' не существует.

It is a variant version of the Creepypasta Theme, created by Пользователь 'The Great Hippo' не существует.

How to Use

To use this theme, please copy this syntax onto the top of your page:

[[include :scp-wiki:theme:creepypasta]]
[[include :scp-wiki:theme:anon]]

What is this theme used for?

This theme provides a different colour scheme for the Parawatch Wiki forum structure. The title comes from the word "anon" meaning "soon; shortly" (though, I wouldn't fault you for mistaking it as an abbreviation of "Anonymous").

It is suitable for use in Parawatch articles.


If, for some reason, you wish to continue using the pastel yellow from the Creepypasta Theme, copy this onto your page under the above code:

[[module CSS]]
  div#header h1{
     background: url(http://scp-wiki.wdfiles.com/local--files/theme%3Aanon/parawatch-anon.png) no-repeat;

     --fg-accent-light: hsl(60, 100%, 90%);
     --fg-accent: hsl(60, 100%, 80%);
     --fg-accent-dark: hsl(60, 100%, 75%);

You could technically replace these variables with any colour. Because this code uses HSL colour values over the traditional Hexadecimal or RGB, simply change the hue — but please, keep the saturation and lightness the same.

Personally, this goes against my vision for the theme. But, the option was requested, and so I thought I would make it clearly available.

Example Formatting


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Source Code

[[div [[iftags -визуальная_тема]]style="display: none"[[/iftags]]]]


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