Кастомная тема Lt Flops


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Кастомная тема Lt Flops
Автор: Lt Flops
Переведено: 06:34 16.01.2021

This is a working example of the authorbox.

For further information and how to edit this on your own page, please consult the Sideboxes subsection.

To create this box, paste the following div inside your authorbox:

[[div class="flavourText"]]

I do not recommend placing any other div inside your authorbox.

whoever gave me the power to edit CSS made a grave mistake

Flopstyle CSS

Sigma-9 Themes » Flopstyle CSS


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Thank you to Пользователь 'stormbreath' не существует for his help, and Пользователь 'Croquembouche' не существует for looking this over.

Select CSS styles are based on the SCP Style Resource (attributed where necessary).

Example Formatting

What Is This?

This is a theme style created by Пользователь 'Lt Flops' не существует for use in her articles.

It is an aesthetic improvement over Sigma-9 (the Wiki's main theme) and exists so that it can be easily updated, independent of the pages that use it. Expect the CSS to change over time.

Please, only use this if you understand what you're doing.

This theme is incompatible with Black Highlighter. This theme supplies no improvement over Black Highlighter. If your page uses Black Highlighter, do not import this theme, or it will introduce new errors.

How to Use

To use this theme, please copy and paste this syntax onto the top of your page:

[[include :scp-wiki:theme:flopstyle]]

If you wish to use this theme with another Sigma-9 theme, paste Flopstyle first and your chosen theme in the next line. Some fine-tuning may be necessary.

Please also note that this theme uses the following components:

  • Toggle Sidebar, by Пользователь 'EstrellaYoshte' не существует
  • Croqstyle CSS, by Пользователь 'Croquembouche' не существует

This theme was designed with the following component(s) in mind:

Centered Header Sigma-9

To use this component, please paste the following syntax after Flopstyle. If your page uses another custom Sigma-9 theme, please paste the following syntax after the custom theme:

[[include :scp-wiki:component:centered-header-sigma-9]]

You may alter the header, sub-header, header colour, sub-header colour, and header logo as you see fit. Just paste this syntax after the Centered Header include, then style it accordingly:

[[module CSS]]
   --header-title: "TITLE";
   --header-subtitle: "SUBTITLE";
   --titleColor: title_colour;
   --subtitleColor: subtitle_colour;
   --lgurl: url(URL_HERE);

Flops Header

[[include :scp-wiki:component:flops-header


Adapted from Penumbra Theme by Пользователь 'EstrellaYoshte' не существует.

Sideboxes are a built-in component that comes in two types:

  1. authorbox
  2. sidebox

Each type has its own usage instructions.

Note: The authorbox does not display on screens of width=1079px and smaller, which includes mobile screens. The sidebox collapses into the page edge on screens of width=1079px and smaller, and on those screens, can be accessed by tapping your finger/hovering your cursor on it.

Please consider these conditions before setting up these items — a large percentage of SCP Wiki users browse via mobile devices.

1. Authorbox

(See Top Left)

By default, the authorbox is opt-out. It appears on every page that uses Flopstyle. If you wish to remove it, please replace this:

[[include :scp-wiki:theme:flopstyle]]

With this:

[[div style="display: none;"]]
[[include :scp-wiki:theme:flopstyle]]

Alternative 1: After removing the authorbox, you can replace it with a custom version that displays any information you desire. This functionality can be especially useful for co-authored, rewritten, or translated pages. For reference, this is the code that creates the authorbox:

[[div class="anchor"]] Sets authorbox's sticky position.
[[div class="authorbox"]]

[[module ListPages name="="]]
||~ %%title%% ||
||= **Author:** %%created_by_linked%% ||
||~ Published on %%created_at|%d %b %Y%% ||

|| Optional Flavour Text ||

[[/div]] Sets the end limit of the anchor.

By default, the authorbox makes use of ListPages to automate the metadata displayed. You could theoretically copy the ListPages portion of the authorbox onto any Wiki page, and those fields will populate in a way unique to that page. You may, of course, change any of these fields as desired.

You may also edit your custom authorbox to display flavour text tailored to your page, such as a note to readers.

See the left side of the page for an authorbox example.

Alternative 2: If you wish, you can choose to have authorbox displayed on the right side of the page. If you would like this, paste this into a CSS module on your page:

     right: unset;
     left: 103.5%;

If you have a page that does this, I recommend against inserting sideboxes in that same page, or it will prove rather messy.

2. Sidebox

The sidebox is opt-in. It is set up like this:

[[div class="limit"]] Sets the start limit of the anchor.
[[div class="anchor"]] Sets sidebox's sticky position.
[[div class="sidebox"]]
Desired sidebox text here.
Text that the sidebox associates with.
[[/div]] Sets the end limit of the anchor.

I recommend inserting a manual linebreak after sidebox-associated text. You can achieve this by encasing a space with two sets of @@ (one on each side). The sidebox will appear alongside this text as you scroll past.

Without the limit div, the anchor will remain present across the entire page content once you scroll past its starting position.

Misc. Changeable Portions

If necessary, you may edit any of these CSS properties to better suit your page. This list does not cover all styles that Flopstyle offers — but it's a good place to start.

Change Info Bar Properties

body{ /* -- Recolour according to Site Theme -- */
     --barColour: bar_colour;
     display: none;
     display: none;

Change Lite-Heading Subtitle Colour

.lite-heading h3{ /* -- Recolour according to Site Theme -- */
     color: lite_heading_colour;

Change Card-Block & Sidebox Border-Left Colour

   --accentColor: accent_colour;

Change Simple Warning Header Logo

(The image must be transparent)

     background-image: url(URL_HERE);
     background-size: 400px;

Change Advanced Warning Header Logo

(The image must be transparent)

     background-image: url(URL_HERE);

Change Series Navigation Background

     background: linear-gradient(to bottom right, hsla(0, 0%, 100%, 1), COLOUR_HERE);

Hide Page Title

     display: none;

Hide Footnotes Footer

     display: none;

Flops' Personal To-Do List (Please Ignore)

  1. Defeat the nefarious forces of Skeuomorphism. [COMPLETED]
  2. Update theme page layout. [COMPLETED]
  3. Finish combing through all my articles for CSS I can add to Flopstyle.
    • “Related Articles” box. [COMPLETED]
    • “Hazard Warning” box.
  4. Finish updating all my articles with Flopstyle.

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