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- Я только хочу сказать, что тогда это было правильно. Может, сейчас бы и не было. Может, ещё когда-нибудь бы не было. Но вот тогда? Тогда это было правильно.

- Так вы хотите сказать, мистер Кле…

- Доктор.

- Простите, доктор. Так вы хотите сказать, доктор Клеф, что те люди заслуживали смерти?

- Не совсем так, Опра. Я говорю, что у нас не было выбора, когда нужно было понять, как работает то устройство. С этим знанием мы могли прятать объект от внимания общественности и сохранять больше жизней, чем теряли.

- Для всеобщего блага, доктор Клеф?

- Для всеобщего блага, Опра.

- А теперь, когда покров тайны приподнят?

- Мы теперь работаем иначе, но всё-таки должны работать. Должны изучать.

- Но почему, доктор?

- Потому что Корея.


| Авторы графического дизайна - DrKens и Cyantreuse. |

Из последних известий
Автор - DrEverettMann

"Теперь все изменилось. Есть другие такие же, как я. Представляешь? Я не один. Правда не один."

Казни доктора Брайта
Автор - DrEverettMann

"Он слышал, как время от времени кто-то делал шаг, потом следовал звук удара, пресекающего попытку, и вскрик. Брайт стоял неподвижно. Ему уже не раз доводилось бывать в плену."

Расследование журналиста Теллара
Автор - Arlecchino

"Хороший журналист всегда смотрит на то, что происходит сейчас. Они хотят писать историю - ну и пусть пишут. Моя работа - превратить то, что лежит на поверхности, в золотую жилу."

Автор - Arlecchino

"Они неделями искали подключение на тридцать восьмой параллели, но в конце концов оставили эту неблагодарную затею. "Система Тельмана", объявившая своей целью создание системы прогноза погоды с полным покрытием, должна была лишиться зоны над Северной Кореей."

Истина где-то рядом
Автор - Silberescher

"Кое-что… произошло… в Канзасе."

Автор - Montala

"Процедуры, которые мы сочтём неэтичными, будут пересмотрены. При невозможности пересмотра объект будет сниматься с содержания. Если же объект является по сути враждебным человечеству, он будет уничтожен, без исключений."

Шесть писем, адресованных Фонду (и одно письмо домой)
Автор - ahbonjour

" Есть одно прекрасное фото с тобой, ты посередине большой толпы полицейских, военных и учёных, и ты смотришь прямо в объектив… выглядишь так, будто ты в ударе. Ты выглядишь такой храброй, сильной. Ты заставила меня гордиться."

Урок, посвящённый власти
Автор - renacer

"Становилось уже отчётливо слышно затруднённое дыхание, похожее на смесь предсмертного хрипа и хныканья,. Она надеялась, что не заденет его обладателя руками. Ещё шаг вперёд. Либо доктор Ковальски уже ощущала тепло его дыхания, либо от напряжённости момента кровь вскипала в жилах. ''

SCP-3241 ("The SS Sommerfeld")
Автор - The Great Hippo

"Wherever you are, Mr. DeVorn, you ought to get down on your knees and thank God Almighty that the Foundation has changed. Because back in my day? This story wouldn't end with some sort of — some sort of fucking 'inquiry'. It would end with you in an orange jump-suit, thrown into the deepest, darkest hole we could find."

On the Outskirts
Автор - stormbreath

"When the Illuminati hijacks your life and doesn't tell you anything, you start to itch there at your collar. You try to figure out what they really want from you, what they really want from the world, and most importantly, who the everloving fuck they actually are."

No Highly Esteemed Deed is Commemorated Here
Автор - stormbreath

"The following is a transcript of a segment the National Geographic program Occult Atlas, the most successful of the many television programs dedicated to covering anomalous sites and locations formerly in Foundation containment."

Автор - Trotskyeet

"The WAITER uncovers the platter to show the disembodied head of CHAZ AMBROSE floating. CHAZ opens his eyes, the family screams."

'Para-Pedigrees' PED464/CAN33/LUP22
Автор - Uncle Nicolini

"Yesterday I was watching the news while they aired a segment, a fluff piece really, of a video that just went viral last week. Two cute dogs, one blurry as hell and the other was flying. Something about some Wilson's yokels taking care of them. Folks eat that cute stuff up nowadays, specially since it's 'oooh so paranormal!'"

Reality TV, Designer Pets, and Fine Dining
Автор - Uncle Nicolini

"What was once a humble set of buildings and enclosures in a sleepy town a few miles outside of Portlands became a media circus… The Center grew, and it grew fast, all the while the Foundation was able to soften its image thanks to their association."

SCP-4720 ("So Come on ye Childhood Heroes! Won’t You Rise Up From the Pages?")
Автор - Gekkoguy

"But can you really get mad at an old man who just wanted to bring a little magic into the world?"

SCP-4413 ("The End of Something Really Excellent")
Автор - NatVoltaic

"…users of the fanwork website Archive of Our Own (AO3) organize 'Beatdown Acrobatics,' a loose militia of writers and disused fanfiction characters aiming to create a continuation of the webcomic 'open to all of humanity.' Anomalous fan communities respond with immediate retaliation."

Keeping It Chill With Your Homies Down At The SCP Foundation
Автор - Henzoid

"Thanks for Netflix and Chilling with us, D-13745, that was really swag of you!"

Snippets of an Unveiled World
Авторы - nykacolaquantum, Deadly Bread, Lt Flops, Westrin и IFBench

"Who the fuck is 'Tyrannosaurus Flex'?"

Автор - Uncle Nicolini

"pls stream #stormsite19 , I am European :("

UIU File 2019-031: Trophy Husbands
Автор - cybersqyd

"Hey so uh I called up yesterday about my neighbor right? Uh so there's a lot of rattling and hissing coming from her house tonight… it sounds like some kinda, angry ghost maybe?"

Автор - Cyvstvi13

"Jedidiah Spring wasn't a traditional member of the Fifthist organisations. His Chapter could best be described, he supposed, as a cult. At least, that's what the media called them. The Western Seaboard Fifthists, it was a stupid name, and one he'd deeply despised."

SCP-5990 ("Out of my head, out of my mind")
Автор - Lt Flops

"There is currently no known means of ensuring physical containment of SCP-5990 without the use of worldwide amnestic treatment or memetic reengineering. Efforts are instead directed toward improving environmental, ecological, social, and economic parameters by any means available to the Foundation."

SCP-3739 ("Mind-Milk™ by Moosphere, Inc.")
Авторы - Lt Flops и KindlyTurtleClem

"You should know that there are only two types of people in this world. Those of us who drink Mind-Milk™, and those of us who secrete it."

Spilled Milk
Автор - Lt Flops

"For more than [UNKNOWN] long Ages, Moosphere, Incorporated has been a forerunner in surrealistic dairy artisanship; a feast for more than 30 BILLION souls and counting! By the fruits of their very spirits, our well-trained Oneiric confectioneers would like to serve you our many fresh, EGO-SHATTERING delights."

"Scattersomnia": A Disease of the Wise and Drowsy Wanderers
Автор - Lt Flops

"This is a tale of what I found during my lost fortnight in the far reaches of the Stacks, with nothing but my rucksack (containing more space within than without), my phantasmal feline Buckwheat, and my own sense of direction."

SCP-5350 ("Oculoma")
Автор - Anorrack

"Symptoms of Oculoma may include: sore throat, ulcers, upset stomach, eye-filled diarrhea, little-to-no appetite, and difficulty breathing. If you or a loved one suffer from these symptoms, please contact your thaumaturgist or nearest Manna Charitable Foundation reception site right away."

And What Was a Soul to That Blank White World
Автор - Cyantreuse

"I have no need for a memory of my life before this. The prospect of it seems painful. Whatever my meaning was previous to this has been outweighed by usefulness, potential or otherwise, and that’s fine."

Items Seized, March 2022, Site-42 Sapient Object Containment
Автор - Cyantreuse

"Agent Trauss, please don't mention this note but I was hoping you'd maybe talk to me after your shift? Can you come here off the clock or do you get in trouble? I miss riding in your car. You were the last person I was with in the outside world and it's fucking with my head. Love(?), ███████"

Sex, Drugs, Money
Автор - Cyantreuse

"On April 20th, you enter SCP-4427-B’s chamber carrying a folder. You proceed into the bathroom where you are then seen showing them the contents, which are out of frame. Analysts from Information Security did note when reviewing feeds that the two of you are both clearly seen smiling, talking, and embracing."

A Day Notable to Nobody
Автор - Cyantreuse

"Listen, uh, while we at the Foundation respect North Carolina Anomalous Persons Privacy Law 4-C6-NC and cannot prevent persons with an anomalous appearance from congregating in public, for the sake of preserving normalcy we still cannot allow them to spread anomalous contaminants or otherwise expose people to any uncontrollable effects…"

Forum Post
Автор - Cyantreuse

"With November just around the corner and every candidate for any party factoring their stance on the Foundation into their campaigns, I find it a pressing matter to explain why forcing the Foundation to follow an external government's delegations for containment is a dangerous idea."

The Ethics Committee's Guide to Human Anomalies
Автор - Cyantreuse

"An anomaly's Initial Containment Date is the most influential point in the Foundation's interaction with them, as it is their first perception of the Foundation's motives and operating methods and will affect their opinion of all personnel handling them for years to come. If initial containment takes longer with these methods than 'brute force' methods, that is an acceptable price to pay."

SCP-4427 ("Nobody Stands for the People")
Автор - Cyantreuse

"Since SCP-4427's existence was initially noted by the Foundation in October 2019, statistics saw an increase of 40% in global media reporting on the topic of human anomalies and an estimated 175% increase in confirmed cases of human anomalies existing and/or civilians being made anomalous through unknown means; approximately 3500 individual reports of human anomalies were noted worldwide by the United Nations in 2024, a 73% increase from 2023."

Автор - Cyantreuse

"What I've found from cross-referencing my experiences with the Foundation as a whole versus my experiences with individual personnel leads me to one conclusion: The Foundation does not punish its operatives for existing as unique individuals with personal ethics and convictions, but rather renders those personal beliefs and behaviors obsolete."

Oceanus, Father to All
Автор - Cyantreuse

"She'd lost a significant chunk of basic functions before she realized what was happening; notably, how to drive a car, how to chew and swallow, and the fact that the metal rack in an oven set to 425 degrees Fahrenheit shouldn't be grabbed without a mitt. The civilian paramedics took care of that part, thankfully, but they can't fix her memory. I'm starting to worry that maybe we can't, either."

You're a Toy, Mr. Sanderson
Автор - Cyantreuse

"It's him- well, it's his chip specifically, rather. It's really starting to look like someone messed around with the files, which I know is unlikely given his clean record and good behavior, but I don't think we should rule anything out."

Like a Rock
Автор - Cyantreuse

"In May of 1998, I was 18 years old. I was smiling at the receptionist in the office of the Coast Guard recruiting center in Wilmington, North Carolina. I remember that it was a Monday and the weather was clear. I remember that she told me I looked ready to serve my country."

Free Kleinberg
Автор - ObserverSeptember

"This one’s a weird one, guys. Apparently there’s this little town called Kleinberg, pop. 2,300, that’s stuck in the 1920s. The years 1920 to 1928 repeat over and over again. They call it SCP-1309."

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